Guest Post: Q&A with Edward Cox, author of The Relic Guild

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author of The Relic Guild

Today I am delighted to welcome Edward Cox, author of The Relic Guild on my blog today. I’m currently devouring The Relic Guild and have to say it is fantastic! Below is a Q&A with Edward Cox.


Q&A with Edward Cox:

Tell us a bit about yourself / the book.

I’m a husband and father and a geek. I’m vaguely confused about most things, especially technology, and I have a big love for stories. As for the book, it’s a fantasy adventure filled with magic, monsters and mayhem. I actually find this a difficult question to answer, so I’ve been working on a pitch. I’m currently down to this: At the heart of a labyrinth, in a city surrounded by walls a hundred feet high, Clara knows that an age-old menace has returned to her home. Only the last magickers of the Relic Guild can help Clara save the lives of one million humans. Together they must find a way to contact the lost worlds that lay outside the boundary walls.

What / who do you get your influences from?

From anything and anyone, anywhere at any time. Other writers, movies, artists, conversations; while I’m vacuuming, driving the car, playing games with my daughter. I think The Relic Guild is the result of many years spent hoarding information.

Do you have a certain writing process?

I enjoy both writing longhand and on the computer. I begin work early in the morning because I like to start the day as I mean to go on, and I always produce my best work this way.

What is the most rewarding thing about being an author? What is the most challenging?

You know, the answer is probably the same for both questions: the writing. The challenge is always finding the right balance for a story. The plots, the landscapes, action and dialogue, descriptions and information – once I’ve got all the planets to align, the most rewarding part is sending the story to my editor while knowing that I’ve done my best work.

Do you prefer print books or e-books?

There was a time when I would’ve said print books with absolute certainty. I love the feel and smell of paper, and always will. But I will never part with any of my books, and after at least 30 years of collecting them, I’m sort of running out of bookshelf room. I’m more open to e-books now, and actually find them handy, especially if I’m travelling.

Name the best book you read last year, your favourite book and the book at the top of you TBR.

The best book I read last year – The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch (I was late discovering him). Best book ever I’d say is George Orwell’s1984, and currently at the top of my TBR pile is Banished by Liz de Jager.

Have you read a book recently that surprised you?

John Hornor Jacob’s The Incorruptibles. I wasn’t expecting such a mashup of genres beneath its fantasy shell. It really is a ridiculously entertaining book.

If you could only read one genre for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Fantasy. Because I love diving headfirst into places that don’t exist, exploring all the things that I’m told I shouldn’t believe in as an adult. The fantasy section is by far the most exciting section in any bookshop. And some would argue that it encompasses every fiction section.

If you had the opportunity to meet one author and take all their advice, knowledge and inspiration, who would you choose?

I think I’d go with David Gemmell. His works meant a lot to me in my teenage years, and I continued to read him, avidly waiting for the release of his next book, all the way up until his last. He’s one of those authors who is imbedded into my foundations. A hero.

You have been writing for a while. Do you have any handy hints and tips?

Express your imagination, and write! No one else can do it for you.

So what did you think of my Q&A with Edward Cox?

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