Introducing: New Feature – Book vs. Film

Posted September 12, 2015 by Charlotte in Book vs. Film / 6 Comments

I’ve been meaning to add this feature to my blog for ages. And now is the time for Book vs Film.

Having not quite had the summer I’d planned, I’ve finally got back to where I wanted to be, and hopefully (fingers crossed) writing this post will get my butt in gear and force me to write the posts I’ve been meaning to write for the last three months.

It all sounds a bit ominous doesn’t it?

The point of this post is to explain a bit about what I want to do in this feature. I know I know, it sounds a bit obvious and it is in the title… but… I also wanted to say why I’m  introducing films to this blog.

I love watching movies, and it is pretty much part of my Saturday routine to sit down with the family and watch a film of some sort. Even if there is moaning from the father about it being another rom-com or musical. But I have him well trained and other films do appear (so don’t fret!). We always discuss the films we watch after at great lenght. But the discussions stop when it comes to whether the film was better than the book (if the film is based on a book) because I always seem (ok very often!) to be the only to have read it. Sigh. 

Hence why I’m starting this feature.

I see this as a feature that will be spilt into three parts, firstly there will be a mini review of the book, followed by a mini review of the film and finally I will conclude which I believe to be better.

Yep there may be times when I think that the film is better than the book…

So do you have any films that you think are better than books? What do you think of books vs film? And finally do you have any recommendations for me?

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6 responses to “Introducing: New Feature – Book vs. Film

  1. Right now there’s just one movie that I liked better than the book – Chocolat. I simply adore the movie 😀 I love when Vivianne prepares her chocolates. I like watching how people change around her.
    The book didn’t do much for me. I usually don’t mind when the book is different from the movie. It actually makes it more interesting and encourages to check out both. But after reading Chocolat I was disappointed.

    • I loved loved that movie! It is pretty amazing 🙂 I’ve never read the book, but always wanted to because of this film!
      I’m so sorry that you were disappointed by the book. But this is what I love about film adaptations, they encourage people to pick up the books and read something they probably wouldn’t have before. For me that would include things like Twilight, Hunger Games and Game of Thrones 🙂

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