Introducing: Paperback Summer Challenge!

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So I’m starting the Paperback Summer Challenge twenty days late, this is a challenge run by Sophie and Suze. Their challenge is for us to read as many paperbacks as we can in June, July and August. This is a brilliant challenge for those of us who may have until recently neglected their TBR pile…

So having just counted the number of books that are dotted around my room I have come up with a vast number of 48. These are not even rereads! They are only the books that I have received from the publishers or won in a giveaway.

I’ve split the books into three categories and my aim is to read a minimum of 30 books over the summer.

The Recent Additions:

These books are my priority as they have been sent to me over the last couple of months. I’ve been shamefully ignoring the book pile because of exams, but now exams are over, I’m going to have to dive straight in! I am really excited to read all the books in the picture below, my main issue is knowing where to begin!


The ones that been in the pile for a year (or less!)

I feel so bad that in the last year I never took time to read these books (such a bad blogger!) but for whatever reason life got in the way, or my excitement for other books… I know (please don’t judge me!), these are books that I really want to read and if I’m being honest some of my best reads have come from this pile. So #PaperbackSummer is the perfect way to rev up the enthusiasm for these books. And yes this is the biggest pile that I have to somehow reduce.


The Giveaways:

The final category is the giveaways, these books are making onto the list because I never read me because there is no deadline no blogging incentive to read. And sometimes reading for blog reviews gets in the way and these are books that I’ve been desperate to read for ages but find myself unable to justify the time. That is no longer going to be the case!


So these are the books that I’m planning to read, I hope to read as many as possible (and in a dream world all of them) but I have to be realistic, I have e-books that I want to read and I know that throughout the summer more books may end up on the pile or I will get distracted by a reread. But this challenge is great because it gives me something to aim for and hopefully at the end of August these piles will be significantly smaller!

So what do you think of the Paperback Summer Challenge? Will you be joining in?

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2 responses to “Introducing: Paperback Summer Challenge!

  1. Lola

    This is a great idea for a challenge! I read so many e-copies, that sometimes I forget about my physical books. I actually am trying to get a few physical copies read this summer as well. Good luck with this challenge and I hope you get a dent made in your physical TBR pile.

    • Thank you!!

      I also forget about my physical books, I think it is because not only are e-books easier to carry around, but also with Netgalley for ARCs its easier to monitor where you. Hopefully I’ll make a dent in this pile this summer.

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