Random Thoughts: 5 Reasons Why Not Reading is Better Than Reading

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5 Reasons Why Not Reading is Better Than Reading

Yep, I know that this may sound strange coming from a bookworm. But if you look at my Goodreads you will know that I read a lot. But sometimes you just need an excuse to not read. And so I have listed below 5 reasons why not reading is better than reading. Let’s see if you agree with me!

1. The Story will never disappoint you!

You’re really excited about the book, everybody has loved the book, and finally you have the opportunity to read it. There’s that flutter of excitement, your family is banned from speaking to you. Only for you to be left feeling disappointed. 

2. You’ll never get to the ending

You have 50 pages till the end, now 30, now 5? Your heart is being ripped out and you’re a sobbing mess, but you don’t want that to happen. This book is not allowed to end. How are you going to fill that hole afterwards? 

The answer is simple, if you don’t read the book, this won’t happen and therefore you have nothing to worry about.

3. You’ll never regret reading that particular book….

Yep if you don’t read it you’ll never have to worry about wasting precious reading time.  This is especially true of books that people seem to love and you keep reading hoping that it will get better and it never does? Leaving you feeling bitter?

And then there’s that realisation that you now have one less chance to read a completely epic read. SOB.

4. That Anticipatory Feeling?

That one with butterflies in the stomach? Or that fizz of excitement? No matter what others say, this feeling is never quite the same when actually reading the book.

Simply put the happy feeling of having a new book to be read, can be kept by simply not reading it, simples.

5. The Guilt from buying ANOTHER BOOK!!

Yep you bought another book, your poor bank balance can’t take it any more and your TBR pile is a tower that frankly looks like it is going to fall over at any moment.

Yeah this won’t happen if you are not reading because if you’re not reading you wont ‘be buying new books to read. So reap the benefits  and see those pennies grow 😉

So this is my 5 reasons why not reading is better than reading. Do you agree?

Ok who am I kidding?? There is nothing. I repeat nothing better than reading a book. So off you trot, go pick one out of your TBR pile and enjoy 🙂

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