Random Thoughts: Looking back at 2016 Resolutions

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Looking back at 2016 Resolutions

Last year I set myself six little goals, six resolutions to help me read and blog better. And now is the time to look back at 2016 Resolutions.

Some of my goals I achieved others I failed at. But looking back I’m really happy with what I achieved and hopefully this will push me to do even better in 2017

So my goals in 2016 were:

To complete the reading challenges I set myself.

This was a challenge I failed. Again I didn’t complete a challenge but this gave me an opportunity to try new things so in that sense it was a success.

To comment on other blogs.

I definitely succeeded in this challenge. Sometime I struggle to know what to say but as the year progressed I felt I got a lot more comfortable sharing my opinion.

Reduce the amount of ARC’s / Netgalley books I have to read.

I don’t think I succeeded in this goal, there are still a huge pile of books to read, but I have definitely become a lot more selective in what I will request and say I want to read.

However… read some of my own books for my own pleasure.

This was a brilliant idea of mine, it was so good to step back from the blog and just read for the sake of reading. It was such a different experience and it felt so relaxed to just sit and read.

Read the books that are physically on my shelves.

Well my shelves are no longer overflowing but they are still pretty full. So baby steps and we will get there.

Finally I wanted to try and keep my blog a bit more regular and a bit more up to date than in 2015.

Some weeks this worked a treat others not so much. It mainly depended on how busy I was and sometimes while I could be organised other times I just ran out of things to say. Oops.

Taking time to look back at 2016 Resolutions, there are definitely some that I achieved, but there was other where time got the better of me. So where there any resolutions you achieved?

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