Random Thoughts: Looking back at 2017 Blogging Resolutions

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Random Thoughts Looking back at 2017 Blogging Resolutions

Last year I set myself five little goals, five resolutions to help me read and blog better and now is the time to look back at 2017 Blogging Resolutions. I’m not sure I really achieved any of my goals, but I know that I pushed myself to try, and if I failed them in 2017, I can always try again next year…

So my goals in 2017 were:

to actually complete a challenge i set myself

Last year I set the task of completing a bookish challenge. I failed. This year I just want to complete one challenge. I still failed. Challenges are really hard, but despite not completing any challenges I have learnt so much from the challenges, and read books and watched musicals I probably would not have otherwise done.

reduce the amount of arc’s / netgalley books i have to read

So I feel like I can say that I have done this. I have been ruthless and got rid of books that I do want to read but have been in the pile since 2014. Clearly I am not super excited for those books even if my brain says otherwise. Also there was a sense of relief of getting rid of so many books. This only lasted a month before the books piled up again….

post some of my features more regularly

Yep, I did not do this.  I had loads of ideas but I really struggled to put my thoughts down on my blog. I wanted to do so much more, but I found it really hard this year.

be more active in the blogosphere

I half completed this challenge. I was definitely active over on Instagram., I have found that site to be really easy to use and engage. But commenting on other peoples blogs and being active on Twitter was a struggle. Maybe Twitter is not the social platform for me but I do think that I can improve.

reducing the tbr pile

An ongoing aim. I look at all the books I have and I am physically daunted by the masses that are yet unread or the favourites that are calling out to be reread. I have reduced the pile but there is a long way to go to stop it from being daunting!!

So where there any 2017 blogging resolutions you achieved? or like me were there some that you really wanted to complete, but unfortunately ran out of time?

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