Through the Letterbox: FairyLoot Magic & Mayhem Box Review

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Welcome to Through the Letterbox. So Magic & Mayhem is the first ever subscription box from Fairy Loot and I fell utterly in love with everything. This is something that I can see will be my monthly treat!  FairyLoot is a monthly subscription ya book box based in the UK.

The Box:

In each box you can expect:

  • One recently published Young Adult book,
  • 4-6 goodies often related to the book,
  • promotional items such as posters, bookmarks and a signed bookplate (whenever possible),
  •  a unique hashtag that links you up with one other person receiving a box.

The box is £26 plus shipping at £3.95 (if UK based) bringing it to a grand total of £29.95. Again this box isn’t again I wish that the shipping is including in the price because it is like a hidden extra.

When I heard that the September theme was Magic & Mayhem I didn’t really know what to expect but i was excited because it said if you’re a fan of Grisha books, A Darker Shade of Magic (Shades of Magic series), and Russian folklore then this was the box for you.



The Unboxing:

On opening the box I was greeted by lots of purple bits of twirly paper and I could see some of the goodies peeping out. So I did what comes naturally and dived straight in.

A fair few items were based on the Grisha novels which I’ve never read, but they did make me more excited to pick up the books and as it was book swag I was fairly happy.

The book was a gorgeous hardbackVassa in the Night by Sarah Porter – it looks amazing and I really want to know the significance of the Swans. Vassa in the Night was at the very bottom. And was hidden in a fairy loot pouch so it wasn’t until the last minute that there was a big reveal. The book also came with a signed bookplate (which as soon as the below photo was take was stuck in my book) and a book mark  (from Behind the Pages)- because you always have to match your book mark to the book).


There was also a Grisha Notebook (from Literary Emporium), Six of Crow postcards, a soy candle (from Castle of Fables) I got the Materiaki candle which is purple and smelt amazing (loved this the best because it matched the paper!). A  Felix Felicis potion sticker, a Russian Doll Necklace (from Pastel Clouds)  and four badges based on the Shade of Magic Series.


There is a lot packed into this box and I loved all the little extra bits. Like the Fairyscoop Booklet with has a little interview with the author and a pop quiz. And my unique fairyloot code to connect with my reading buddy. Who I am still trying to find!

Everything in the parcel was gorgeous and well thought out. My favourite is definitely the Russian doll necklace. 1) because it is gorgeous and adorable and 2) it was something that I didn’t expect to be in the box.


I loved everything in this box and I cannot wait to see what is in the next box. After all the praise I’ve seen for this book I instantly went and brought a three month subscription.

Let me know if you’ve received this Magic & Mayhem FairyLoot Box, I’d love to know your thoughts, what was your favourite item?

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3 responses to “Through the Letterbox: FairyLoot Magic & Mayhem Box Review

  1. Sarah

    What a fantastic idea! It’s maybe a bit pricey as a regular subscription, but it would make a lovely gift!

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