Rating System

Everyone has a different way of rating something, for my rating system I use full stars only. Sometimes I do wish that I used half stars as it can sometimes be difficult to decide the appropriate rating. But I made my decision  long time ago.

I use a five star system, with five stars being the highest accolade I can give. Below is a more detailed description of my rating system.

Five Stars means I loved it. I enjoyed it tremendously and I would recommend it to everyone. It does not have to be a literary masterpiece but it managed to draw me in.

Four Stars means I enjoyed it. I would buy this book and enjoy re-reading it but there is something missing that means it does not quite get in the five star category.

Three Stars means I liked it. However I was not blown away by the story. This is a solid rating and not to be sniffed at.

Two Stars means that I did not particularly enjoy the book, but it held enough interest that I made it to the end.

One Star is a rating that (hopefully!) will never be used. It means that I never finished the book, and the book is most likely off to the charity shop.

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