Blog Tour: Q&A with Lisa Lueddecke author of The Forest of Ghosts and Bones

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Today I am super excited to welcome to the blog Lisa Lueddecke, author of The Forest of Ghosts and Bones.  This is a book that I am really excited to read as it is a retelling, inspired by Hungarian Myths. I have little knowledge of these myths so I am super excited to dive into this tale.

Below Lisa has taken part in a Q&A and her answers make me more excited to read this book!

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Were there any real life inspirations for the castle at the centre of the story?

When I was young, we lived very close to Nanstein Castle in Germany. I have so many fond memories of exploring that place, and one particular memory when it was raining. The feeling of the dark gray sky, the warm summer rain, and popping in and out of passageways and doors, the stones seeming to glow red… It has stuck with me vividly throughout all of these years, and when I decided to set my next book in a haunted castle, I knew exactly which castle to base it on.

Liljana is a character that is very much invested in her own goals. How was it writing a morally grey character?

It was definitely an adjustment, but she came into my mind so strongly and so ready to be written, that she leapt from my head and onto the page with very little effort. I can honestly say I believe I enjoyed writing her more than any other character. She isn’t an inherently good person, but she’s an interesting person, and she’s human. It feels important to me as a writer to show flawed people.

The Forest of Ghosts and Bones has some particularly eerie scenes. What is the key to writing scenes that feel like that?

I really have to set the scene for myself. If I’m going to be writing a dark and scary scene, I like a semi-dark room, candles, and spooky music playing in the background. Maybe a walk through somewhere like a forest or a graveyard first. I tend to find that if I’m not a little bit scared, then the feeling of fear doesn’t really come across on the page very well.

If you were venturing into the forest yourself what are three things you would take with you?

I would probably take a camera, a cup of apple cider, and a notebook. I like to sit in forests and take down notes on what it looks like, what it smells like, and how it feels, so I can describe them more accurately when I write.

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