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I started this blog  back in February 2013  partly because I loved to read but also because I needed somewhere to discuss books. None of my friends or family are as book mad as me. So I needed an outlet to talk and fan girl about all my favourite books. But also somewhere, where I could write what I want about the things I love.

I decided to become self-hosted at the end of 2016. Not because I have a zillion views on my blog but because, for me, I felt that it was time to have more control. More control on layout and editing. Freedom really to do what I want on this blog. And so far it has been AMAZING!!

I mainly post reviews, but I do try and post features, none as regularly as I’d like but I am trying to improve. Fingers crossed that this will be the year. I take part in blog tours because I love shouting out about authors. Even though I know it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But I also talk about books that I loved as a child (and still do!) and anything that interests me.

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