Diary of a #Cheltlitfest Volunteer Days 1-2

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Diary of a #Cheltlitfest Volunteer Days 1-2

Welcome to my little page on the internet where I am diaries my time at the brilliant Cheltenham Literature Festival. I am going to give you a brief update each time of the ins and outs of being a festival volunteer. So without further ado, welcome to my Diary of a #Cheltlitfest Volunteer Days 1-2!

Friday 6th October

So I had a gentle start to the day by not starting until 3.45pm. Meaning that after all the heavy lifting I could have a bit of a lie in.  And we got to wonder around and enjoy the site.

I also went  to see Andrew Marr, who was talking about painting and how his painting style has change since his stroke. And a new way to look at art. I have to be honest his art wasn’t really my cup of tea, but others may disagree


After that I was on duty welcoming people into the Forum. First up was Miranda Hart with her new  book ‘The Girl With The Lost Smile’  who was really funny and lovely.  However I have to be honest, the chair took over the chat, she needed to ask more questions and be a bit more silent.

Then we had some political talk which was interesting but I have no idea what thy were going on about. This was followed by Andy Hamilton who was so funny.

Saturday 7th October

So I was back in the forum for the morning. There were two political events in the morning that I didn’t sit in on. Because I had the fun job of waiting out in the foyer  to greet late comers. Whoop whoop!

I then had the afternoon off and had the opportunity to see some of the other events. So for some reason I went to see Jim Chapman. Who despite all his success on YouTube, he was a bit bland. But I’ll leave you  all to decide.

But after that I was back on shift in the Forum. And we had two big stars to deal with – Tom Daley and Robert Webb. Tom Daley’s talk was so much better than I expected. He got really technical when he was talking about dives and his process for getting the perfect dive.

This was followed by Robert Webb who was talking about his autobiography, and I ended up doing the signing. So I had to take Robert to Waterstones and waiting while Robert greeted everyone and signed their books. And then I had to take him back to the writers room.


And I managed to do this while at the start of a cold!

Up next:

I am in the Forum on Monday and Phillipa Gregory is going to be there! And on Tuesday I am on call, so hopefully I will have some jobs to do.

So that is my Diary of a #Cheltlitfest Volunteer Days 1-2! Pretty busy huh, let me know if you would attend any of these events or if you have! Also would you volunteer?

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