Movie Musical Challenge – High Society

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Bookish Whimsey Movie Musical Challenge

For this Movie Musical Challenge I’ve made a list of 15 musicals that I haven’t yet seen and probably ought to have. The challenge is throughout the year and once watched I’ll put my thoughts up on the blog. Today is the turn of High Society.



So the second movie for the challenge is High Society (1956), starring Bing Crosby, Grace Kelly, and Frank Sinatra.

I have to admit that I’m not really sure I really liked this movie. There were a few enjoyable moments – e.g. when Tracy (Grace Kelly) becomes exceedingly drunk – but I have to admit for the majority of the time I was a bit bored.

One of my favourite songs was “Well, Did You Evah!” but that was probably because I was reminiscing to my childhood and listening to Robbie Williams sing it, the other stand-outs were “Little One” (a very cute song) and “True Love”. But seeing as this is a musical filled with great musicians (lets not forget Louis Armstrong!) I was disappointed by the power of the songs.

Also we have a very strange love-square going on (is love-square even the right thing?). There are three men who are in love with an leading lady and its all very confusing about who she should be with and basically who are we rooting for? And everything seemed to revolve around one drunken night.

In the beginning I was expected a lot of tricks and silliness as Tracy attempts to outwit the reporters who have come to document her wedding. But that seems pushed aside very early on.

This is a fun movie, and I enjoyed it but if I ever decide to make a top ten list of my favourite musicals this probably won’t be on there. But it is well worth watching to see Louis Armstrong banging out tunes with his band!

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3 responses to “Movie Musical Challenge – High Society

  1. Charlene @ Bookish Whimsy

    Yes, totally agree with you on this film! I didn’t think of it, but it would have been fun to see more of Tracy tricking the reporters. That might have made a better storyline. I don’t even remember “Well Did you Evah” so I’m going to look that up right now!

    • I initially thought that was what the film would be about. Tracy getting one up on the reporters. I loved the song “Well Did you Evah” but I was a bit disappointed by the choreography, because I knew the song I thought it would be the highlight. But its such a catchy number its hard not to hum it 🙂

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