Movie Musical Challenge: A Star is Born

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Movie Musical Challenge 2017

For this Movie Musical Challenge I’m using the AFI’s 25 Best Musicals List to try and work my way through. The challenge is throughout the year and once watched I’ll put my thoughts up on the blog.

A Star is Born


So the ninth movie for the challenge is A Star Is Born (1954) starring Julie Garland and James Mason.

Well what a ridiculous and complete waste of three hours of my time! This film dragged. It was dull and boring and I was left wondering why this even made it onto the top 25 list. I honestly struggled to make it to the end of this musical.

After all this is about a successful man persuading a young woman to take up her desired career. She is then more successful than him and he feels eclipsed. She is held back by him and feels she is in the wrong. He eventually realises the errors of this ways and kills himself. Because that will make her life better? Yep great story.

Also lets complain about the fact that it is three hours long and there are parts when just stills are used to tell the story. NO NO NO!

I tried to enjoy, I tried to listen. Perhaps if it took half the time to tell and added a few more songs I would have fallen in love. In the end I was just disappointed.

There is nothing memorable about this movie. So one thing that I will definitely being doing is shipping this DVD to the charity shop. Because after all one man’s rubbish is another’s treasure. Let’s see if that is truly the case.


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