Pastime Pleasures #15 – The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot

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Welcome to my  feature, Pastime Pleasures, posted every other Friday. Today is the turn of The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot.

Here I will look at books that have given me great pleasure in the past. These are books I can read over and over again. The only rule is that the book must have been published five or more years ago.


Pastime Pleasures #15 - The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot


Most people would love the idea of being a princess, of being royal – a disney fairytale come true. But not Mia, this is a step too far for her. She is already considered a freak at school and this goes one step too far – how much more can she take? But somehow her royal news gets leaked and now Mia has to deal with being ‘popuar’ and her tyrannical grandmother.

Mia has to mature as the year progresses – can she learn all about what it means to be a princess, cope with the make-overs and soften her Grandmere. All while remaining herself and bagging the boy?

Written as a journal, The Princess Diaries is a funny, witty read with shows Mia as the typically overactive, hpyer teen she is. Worrying about the whales, wanting to join Greenpeace and wondering what her classmates will think of her.  After as Lilly says “I have an overactive imagination and a pathological need to invent drama in my life.”

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