Pastime Pleasures #29 – The Valley of Adventure by Enid Blyton

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Welcome to my  feature, Pastime Pleasures, posted every other Friday. Today is the turn of The Valley of Adventure by Enid Blyton.

Here I will look at books that have given me great pleasure in the past. These are books I can read over and over again. The only rule is that the book must have been published five or more years ago.

Pastime Pleasures #29 - The Valley of Adventure by Enid Blyton

Based on the fact that the spine of this book is the most damaged in this series I have had to conclude that it is my favourite book!

And what is there not to love – four children on on their own having an adventure with a parrot – Kiki who is hilarious. I mean Diana, Philip, Jack and Lucy could survive a few days without adult supervision and in my child-brain it was perfectly reasonable that I could too.

The Valley of Adventure was an inspiring and exciting book from my childhood, and one that I still read now if I want something comforting. I mean the children (because that is what they are) do clever and extremely brave things – the waterfall scene is hilarious! – they are resourceful and prepared.

Also they somehow manage to end up in an unknown / unexplored valley that has some priceless treasure. And they are stuck…. Also there are some really bad guys around who you don’t really want to mess with. Let’s be honest, what more could you ask for?

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