Random Thoughts: Missing My First Blogiversary

Posted March 2, 2015 by Charlotte in Random Thoughts / 6 Comments

Missing My First Blogiversary (or however the hell you spell it)

Doing my round-up post on Saturday (for Feb) made me realise that I had somehow missed my blogiversary. And more than that, the fact that I have been blogging FOR ONE WHOLE YEAR! Or more now because I actually posted my first post on Monday 10th February 2014.  How could I have missed it? How did I not even think about.

And actually on Saturday it shocked me that I have been blogging for over a year. It was something that I wanted to do after following my friend’s amazing blog for a couple of years (and really I should say thanks for giving me a lot of advice!) but I did feel a bit nervous about starting – after all there are already so many blogs out there.

To be honest I never expected to last the year, I thought it would be something that I enjoyed for a while and then after about 6-8 months it would peter out, I never excepted to love it so much, to constantly think of things that I could do, challenges to participate in, books to read and ideas to post. And I also never expected to become better at reviewing. When I compare an old post to now I can see improvement and I so proud of what I have managed to achieve.

But I still get nervous when it comes to posts, I tend to play it safe and post reviews, but what I love from other bloggers are their features, their discussions. I recently became braver when it comes to posting comments on other blogs and now that is something that I should do on my own blog.


And how did I celebrate my achievement? By doing nothing! So in honour of my belated one year blogiversary I am making five resolutions that I will hope to keep this year:

1. To post more discussion posts

I think that I should be realistic here and try to post a minimum of one discussion post a month.

2. To participate in at least two more challenges this year

Well I have to keep it realistic and ANY suggestions would be greatly appreciated and needed! Please help. I’m not sure I’m very good at challenges and besides doing the Goodreads challenge I’m not sure where to begin on this one.

3. To comment on more blogs

Yes I know I’ve started commenting (I said so above dontcha know) but I need some motivation to maintain this new-found commenting lark!

4. To introduce the two new features that I have been thinking about for ages

I’ve had a couple of ideas in my head for a while and it is probably high time that I actually implemented them rather than faffing around with them.

5. And finally to be be more active on social media

I tend to leave social media well alone and don’t really use it except to show that blog posts go up. I’m going to keep this small and focus solely on Twitter (most people seem to use it) and be brave and join in a conversation sometime (with my heart pounding in my chest!).

How do you guys celebrate your Blogiversaries? Have you ever missed a significant date? And what do you think of my goals? All thoughts welcomed!

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6 responses to “Random Thoughts: Missing My First Blogiversary

  1. Happy blogiversary! If you’re thinking of trying a new reading challenge, maybe check out this “A Novel Challenge” website? http://novelchallenges.blogspot.com/ Right now I’m doing the TBR Pile Challenge & the Foodies Read Challenge, plus I joined the Classics Club. You can join the Classics Club any time, but I’m not sure about the others. And if you haven’t already you can join various groups on Goodreads like Addicted to YA or Fantasy Book Club Series that do read-a-longs.

  2. Cait

    HAPPY BLOGGY BIRTHDAY!!! (I have no idea how it’s supposed to be spelt either?! Blogiversary? Bloggaversary? GAH.)

    I think I missed my second bloggy birthday, so don’t feel too bad. 😉 It happens to ALL of us. xD YAY FOR GOOD INTENTIONS THOUGH! I love your list. My bloggy birthday is coming in May and I’ll be 4. Omg. I feel like an old veteran blogger sometimes. hee.

    *showers you with birthday cake*

    • Thank you!!

      I have good intentions so hopefully I will stick to them. We’ll see at the end of the year 🙂 I think it’s worse missing your first one because it’s the first, I mean I’ve not been doing it very long it should be more of a big deal!

      And blogging for four years is AMAZING! I hope to get there one day 🙂

    • Thank you so much!! Everyone spells it differently so its hard to decide which spelling is correct.

      #5 is a hard one because I always get really nervous about it. It’s quite scary so don’t worry about it 😉 not sure when I’m going to implement that particular point, the others seem a lot easier in comparison!

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