Random Thoughts: Having Book Overload

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Having Book Overload

So I finished my exams late Monday afternoon, and so I was really excited to start reading a new book, when I found I had a problem – I had book overload. I couldn’t decide what book I wanted to read. I was overwhelmed with choice. The only thing I could decide was that I wanted an ‘easy book’, something that I could easily understand and easily devour. So this ruled out some of my old favourites, such as Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings. But I was still stuck on what book I actually wanted to read. Hopefully from the images below you will see the difficulties I face, as it turns out I have a lot of books I need (and want) to read. I have book overload!

1. Netgalley:

UntitledThis is my current Netgalley ratio. It is ridiculously high, and is high on my priorities to sort out. Before my exams my ratio was a lot better (obviously) but as I requested books during the exam period without actually reading any books meant my ratio was bound to suffer. I also did not expect so many publishers to accept my requests. And I freely admit that Netgalley was one of the websites that I would go on during my revision breaks. It was as close as I got to reading.


2. Books Borrowed from Sister:



These are the books I have borrowed from my sister, either by browsing through her bookshelves or (and this is more likely) ones she has recommended and lent to me. But her tastes do vary a bit from mine, so I am not entirely sure that this is a good choice. What do you think?


3. Books I’ve Won:



These are the books I have won this year, that I haven’t yet read. And I do really want to read them, after all I did enter giveaways for them. But again I’m not sure I am in the mood for them. For example Stephen King is an author I have never read (is it bad to admit that? Have I committed some bookish sin?) so do I take the risk and read his book?


4. Books I’ve Borrowed:


Luckily for me this is quite a small pile, but I have had them for a while, so I am starting to feel a little guilty of keeping them from their owner and other book friends (hopefully they have made friends with my books!).


5. Books I’ve Brought:


Again this is quite a large pile and some of these books date back to 2011, which makes me feel a little ashamed. And, OK some of you may be thinking that this is quite a small pile, but the above image does not include my e-book purchases, mainly because I couldn’t decide how to take a picture of all my kindle purchase and I was too lazy to figure it out.

6. Physical Books sent from the Publishers:


Again, there are quite a few books, which I asked for because I do want to read them. But again I asked for them during the busiest time at University, what with essays ever two weeks and then exams. I also made the mistake of sending them home rather than to my Uni address, which has meant that I have had to wait until I returned home to actually get hold of the books.

7. Books I absolutely want to Reread:


These are the books that I really do want to reread at some point. Either because I want to use them in a feature (Pastime Pleasures anyone?) or because I have completely forgotten what the book is about, so I actually cannot remember if I like the book or not. And if I don’t like the book, why do I still have it? And if I do like the book, why can I not remember it?

8. And finally My Bookcase:



As you can see my bookcase is overflowing with the majority of the books I own and yep I have had to double up each shelf. I’ve also put the majority of my books on their side, rather than upright, as for some reason this means that I can get more books onto the shelves!

Have you looked at your books and been unable to choose which one you will read next? Have you ever had Book Overload?


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