Review: Artemis Fowl Movie

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Artemis Fowl Movie directed by Kenneth Branagh
Released on 12 June 2020
Genres: Family, Adventure, Fantasy
Feature Length: 95 mins
Source: Disney+

Artemis Fowl, a young criminal prodigy, hunts down a secret society of fairies to find his missing father.



So I was super excited to watch the Artemis Fowl Movie on Disney+. It is one of my favourite reads from my childhood and so I had high hopes.

Yet somehow they managed to distort and change a really good story by amalgamating the first two books into one story.  Which in my opinion confused the whole plot. And took away that quintessential idea of a twelve year old being a criminal mastermind who still believed in magic. Someone who wars with being a child while taking on the adult responsibility of the family business.

And then let’s get to that family business. In the books they are criminals. And that is what Artemis is. A criminal who wants his name noticed by doing something no one else in his family has done – steal from the fairies – Instead we get Daddy is a good guy and saves the world?!

Instead we got Artemis Fowl who’s too perfect. Yes he is clever in the book, but also sporty? And good from the beginning and trusting? Yep. We miss out on the journey that Artemis has and the fact that he is not perfect. When running he falls over. And it is super frustrating.

Also with so many good actors in this film, your expectations are heightened. But then you get confused by Judi Dench has a gruff voice and why is Josh Gad in black and white. And if he is a darwf why is in the human world. And finally why does Nonso Anozie have bright blue eyes? These are issues that need to be dealt with.

As a fan of the book, this adaption was not for me. There was plenty in the first book to have a great adventure. But I guess it was not thrilling enough. Add to that I had to explain parts of the film to others who had not read the book. So that took some of the enjoyment out for me.

For me the Artemis Fowl Movie was an okay adaption. Will I see the next one? Probably just to see if they have improved. But I will not be going to rewatch any time soon.

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