Review: The Year of Saying Yes : Part 1 by Hannah Doyle

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The Year of Saying Yes Part 1 by Hannah Doyle
Review: The Year of Saying Yes : Part 1 by Hannah DoyleThe Year of Saying Yes Part 1 by Hannah Doyle
Published by Hachette UK on December 15, 2016
Genres: Chick-lit, Fiction, Novella
Pages: 96
Format: Arc
Source: Publisher
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'Watch out Lindsey Kelk, someone is toppling you' Dreaming With Open Eyes Blog
'Funny, modern and motivational... LOVED IT' Lisa Dickenson
THE YEAR OF SAYING YES by Hannah Doyle will make you dirty-laugh, feel warm and fuzzy, and rediscover life's magic - all thanks to one little word: yes. Fans of Lucy's Vine's HOT MESS, Cathy Hopkins's THE KICKING THE BUCKET LIST, Suzy K Quinn's THE BAD MOTHER'S DIARY and Fiona Gibson's THE WOMAN WHO MET HER MATCH you're in for a real treat.
Dear Readers
It's drizzling outside, which totally matches my #currentmood. Pigs in blankets, all the mince pies and a festive Baileys or five are distant memories. You know the drill - it's January. Everyone's banning booze (terrible idea) or cutting carbs (impossible). To add to the misery pile, my plans to seduce the man of my dreams at the stroke of midnight flopped spectacularly.
I'm Izzy. I don't just need a New Year resolution, I need a whole new life. And I need YOU. My dreary life is about to get a total makeover - it's my 'Year of Saying Yes'. And this is where you come in. It's up to you to #DareIzzy. I'm saying yes to your challenges, no matter how nuts, adventurous or wild they are. The sky's the limit - I'm at your mercy, readers!
Wish me luck. I have a feeling I'm going to need it.
Izzy x
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Reviewers are loving THE YEAR OF SAYING YES:
'A hilarious read' Bella magazine
'The most excellent and humorous book I have read in a very long time' Dreaming With Open Eyes
'I loved loved this book, it was fun, hilarious and witty' Escapades of a Bookworm
'SO good, so hilarious, so light-hearted and full of laugh-out-loud moments' On My Bookshelf
'A bundle of laughs from the very first page' The Book Magnet
'Anyone who is a fan of Lindsey Kelk and Jane Costello's earlier books will love The Year of Saying Yes' Rea's Book Reviews
'4% in, I was already laughing out loud and snorting ... the other 96% just kept getting better' The Writing Garnet
'A fabulous and fun read' By The Letter Book Reviews
'A hilarious, light hearted read and I absolutely can't wait to get my hands on Part 2' BrizzleLass Books
'A breath of fresh air, that made me laugh and smile the whole way through... I will be telling anyone who will listen to me, just how great this story really is' Kelly's Book Corner
'Hannah Doyle's witty writing had me hook, line and sinker' Shaz's Book Blog
'I highly encourage everyone to pick up this story (say yes to it!)' Alba In Bookland

We all start the year with some New Year’s Resolutions. Normally their all no things, negative statements – less chocolate, no alcohol. It’s always a bit depressing. So it is so refreshing to have some positive resolutions to make. To have The Year of Saying Yes. 

And as I read this book at the start of the year it is, for me, quite motivating.

This was a great little book about taking chances and stepping out of your comfort zone. Sometimes a little something new can do us the power of good. Although I don’t think that I would be as brave as Izzy and take on a dare given to me by a stranger. Afterall her year is going to be a little crazy, and at times a little unexpected.

I loved loved this book, it was fun, hilarious and witty. I loved Izzy and her escapades. I cannot wait for the rest of this book to be out to see what else Izzy has been dared to do.

So will you be joining the #YesSquad?

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