Introducing: The Netgalley Challenge!

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Netgalley Challenge

So I signed up for the Netgalley Challenge  run by Sophie and Suze and can be followed via twitter on the challenge hashtag! Their challenge is simple – to read as many netgalley books as possible in the September and the first two weeks of October. Simple really.

Recommended Feedback to Approval Ratio is at least 80%. Yours is 74%.

I currently have 76 books to read on netgalley, and I have a 74% feedback rating. My aim is to get over 80%

 I think its better to set a percentage target rather than a number of books read target, as we can see from Paperback Summer Challenge I didn’t succeed in completing that goal, falling ten books short.

If my calculations are correct, then I need to read 18 books to reach my target of 80% and as I want to be above 80% I need to read a minimum of 20 books! So I better get started! And if you want to see how I am fairing with this challenge then you can check back here and see how many books I have actually read.  Hopefully I will hit my target!

So what do you think of the Netgalley Challenge? Will you be entering? And do you think I can achieve my goal?

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