Review: Lady and the Tramp (2019)

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Lady and the Tramp (2019)
Lady and the Tramp
directed by Charlie Bean

Released on 24 March 2020
Genres: Animation
Feature Length: 103 mins
Source: Disney+

Lady is the pampered female dog belonging to Jim Dear and Darling. When her human masters bring a baby into the house, Lady feels she’s being eased out; and when Darling’s insufferable Aunt Sarah introduces her nasty twin Siamese cats into the fold, Lady is certain that she’s no longer welcome.


As soon as Disney+ was available in the UK, I instantly activated my account and went to watch Lady and the Tramp. It is the first Disney ‘live adaption’ to not be released theatrically, and there is a very good reason for that.

You would think that being Disney, the same creativity seems in other movies would be in this one. But that is not the case. Lady and the Tramp while it is a faithful adaptation, it is lacking in the quintessential charm of the original.

And while I have said that this is a faithful adaption there has been some modernisation. Some that is successful and some that may make you pull a face. The Siamese cats song has been changed and is no longer racist. The song ‘He’s a Tramp’ no longer refers to him romancing the ladies. We actually see the faces of Jim Dear and Darling. Yet all these changes make the film feel so much different.

You are left with the feeling that your time could be spent better elsewhere – like watching the original. And that was actually what made me stop watching the film. At this iconic moment of the spaghetti dinner. I’d only been watching for an hour but it felt like a life time.  And that was enough.

Despite being updated to reflect today’s society Lady and the Tramp shows that sometimes you should just leave classics be. That is why there are classics.

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