Movie Musical Challenge – Easter Parade

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Bookish Whimsey Movie Musical Challenge

For this Movie Musical Challenge I’ve made a list of 15 musicals that I haven’t yet seen and probably ought to have. The challenge is throughout the year and once watched I’ll put my thoughts up on the blog. Today is the turn of Easter Parade.



So the seventh movie for the challenge is Easter Parade (1948), starring Fred Astaire and Judy Garland.

There are so many wonderful songs that its hard to pick a favourite. But some include, A Fella with an UmbrellaA Couple of Swells and It Only Happens When I Dance With You.

Despite the title of this musical, there isn’t much time spent on the ‘Easter Parade’. But this is a light, whimsical and entertaining musical showcasing the talent of Astaire and Garland. With great support from Ann Miller and Peter Crawford.

This may not be the best musical that Astaire and Garland has ever done but its simplicity and easy sing a long songs makes it a classic that should not be missed.

This is an appealing musical with standout dance routines and fantastic songs that you just want to try out long after this film is finished.

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