Random Thoughts: Book Hangover

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Book Hangover

I cannot seem to win. One moment I am moaning about having to many books, now I have a book hangover and cannot pick a book up!

Last time I talked about having Book Overload and the difficulties after my exams that I had with deciding which books I wanted to read first. And the difficulty in picking a genre, after all I hadn’t read any books (besides Law books) for two months, it felt like a huge commitment. Like I was seeing my friends again after a long absence.

Book hangover

But it has now been over two months and I have had a blissful time reading, but now I feel like I have over-indulged. It’s not that I don’t want to read – I do. I have a lot of books in my TBR pile that when I look at them get me really excited. It’s just too much effort to pick up a book. The very thought sends me in can’t be bothered mode.

I definitely do not think that this is a reading slump. How can it be when I become physically queasy at the thought of picking up a book. The sad fact is I know what book I want to read, it is sat on my bedside table – and when I think of it I get excited butterflies in my stomach, but go to pick it up and I run away screaming.

Do you guys think I am having a reading slump or a book hangover? Do you have any recommendations about what I should do? I really, really do want to read this book…..

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