Monthly Round-Up! August 2020

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Monthly Round Up - august 2020

Monthly Round-up, linking everything that has happened in the last month, posted on the last day of said month. This Round-up August 2020.

A couple of days late because I had a blog tour on the 31st August. And that obviously has to take priority on the blog!!

This month has felt like a strange one, as I am finally getting back to normal. Or the new normal. After four months of being furloughed I have gone back to work full time. And let me tell you it is strange to be back in the office.

But this has meant that my blog has suffered a bit. You may have noticed that for the first three weeks I did not post a single post. I just didn’t have any motivation to write. However I have spent the bank holiday weekend tackling some of my reviews so here is hoping that September will be a better month!

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So what do you think of my round-up August 2020? What have you read this month? Let me know in the comments below!

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