Monthly Round-Up! February 2021

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Round Up February 2021

Monthly Round-up, linking everything that has happened in the last month, posted on the last day of said month. This Round-up  February 2021.

This month, I have really enjoyed rereading. I finally reread the Red Rising series and I read the next two which I hadn’t as of yet. I had forgotten how bloodydamn good that series is. I cannot wait for the last book in there series. Do you have any great series to recommend?

I had so many great plans this month, but as you can see they didn’t happen. I actually wrote this post before I wrote any of my review posts! But I was too busy with my reread of Red Rising. Here’s to next month, where I have at least one post prepped. But perhaps by the end of the weekend I will have more.


  • As per usual I’m participating in the Goodreads Challenge. And I have read more books than I need to hit my target by the end of the year. Which seeing as it is only month two of the year is always a good sign.


So what do you think of my round-up February 2021? What have you read this month? Let me know in the comments below!

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