Random Thoughts: 5 Books Featuring Dyslexia

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5 Books Featuring Dyslexia

So before I start listing my top 5 Books featuring Dyslexia, I have a serious question for you. Have you ever read a book with a dyslexic protagonist? Have you noticed the same theme that runs through them? The answer is simple, they are all very bright but they can’t read and on occasion write. The majority are also embarrassed and try to hide their disability.

So My Top Five Books are:

1. Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan

Percy Jackson


This was (and still is) one of my favourite books as a kid. In ancient Greece, mythology was used to explain the unexplainable, it is an analogy, so it is fitting that dyslexia is put in that category. It’s also pretty cool that the reason why Percy can’t read English is because his brain is hardwired for ancient Greek and he is a demi- god. This explained so much to me. But I’m still waiting to go to Camp Half Blood…


2. May B by Caroline Starr Rose

May B


So this is actually a really sad book for me. May is abandoned by her family in the middle of winter. Forced to survive, May has flash memories of her difficulties of reading at School and is haunted by the past. However she is determined to find her way back.

I loved this because this of the determination and to persevere even when struggling.


3. Fish in a Tree by Lynda Mullaly Hunt

Fish in a Tree Like a lot of people with Dyslexia Ally is clever at hiding her issues with reading and writing.

I know a lot of people who were not diagnosed as Dyslexia until University when it all catches up with them. Sometimes they are found sooner rather than later.

But what is so beautiful about this book is that when Ally is found out to have dyslexia she is not only supported by her teacher but she learns to see her strengths.

I love this as I’ve always seen dyslexia as a strength and something that does not stop me from achieving my dreams.


4. Counting to D by Kate Scott

Counting D


I think this quote from sums up the message nicely -“We’re different people, and that’s okay. Different doesn’t have to mean worse. But it also doesn’t have to mean better. Different only means different.”

5. My name is Brain Brian Jeanne Betancourt by Jeanne Betancourt

My name is Brian


Sometimes I think people associate Dyslexia with an inability to read. This shows that even though Brian does struggle to read, he has other strengths and weakness. He struggles to read aloud and write on the board. But he learns to work around these issues and continues to achieve his goals.




Further books with dyslexic protagonists include: Eleven by Patricia Reilly Griff, The Hank Zipper Series by Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver,The Alphabet War  and so many more.

So what would 5 books featuring Dyslexia would you choose? Have you read any of the above? Are there any others you would recommend?


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