Random Thoughts: Learn Reading Speed

Posted June 3, 2015 by Charlotte in Random Thoughts / 8 Comments

Learn Reading speed

This is probably old news to everyone. But I finally, after ages and ages, decided to update my kindle. And now I can ‘learn reading speed’. Not only does it tell me how long do I have left of the book, but also how long I have left of my current chapter.

To be honest this is a little daunting. There now feel like there is pressure when it come to reading. Especially when I’m not reading fast enough so the time either goes up or it decides to stay at the same number for ages and ages.

it got me thinking about my reading speed,  not whether I’m a fast or slow reader, but whether my speed is affected by the book being read. This week alone I’ve taken three days to read evilly small book but only mere hours to read what I  consider a door stopper of a book!

And now that I can know how long a book could potentially take me to read, I find myself choosing books based on time rather than whether I’ll enjoy it or not. If its too long I’ll put it to one side, for a later date when I have ‘more time’ if it every happens! This should not be affecting my reading habits, it should be a nice little tool to let me know when I reading an e-book, how much I have left.

Has anyone else noticed this on their kindle? What do you think of ‘learn reading speed’? Has it affected your reading habits?


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8 responses to “Random Thoughts: Learn Reading Speed

  1. Rinn @ Rinn Reads

    I always have it on, but honestly I don’t think it judges reading speed very well. It often gets stuck on one number for ages, then suddenly jumps around. It really hates ARCs 😛

    • Hey 🙂 I wrote this a while ago when I was using my kindle a lot on the train. I thought it might be easier to decide whether I’d have time for a chapter before I got off the train but it always seemed to never really work :/ And yeah it can’t seem to to get it’s brain around ARCs! I think it’s a good idea it just needs to be more precise

  2. Cait

    I absolutely adore the feature. XD I always pick books based on how long it’ll take me to read them, so finding my reading speed didn’t actually affect that for me. (I like at the amount of pages. MY BAD) But I do quite like it and, um…*whispers* I kind of try to go faster than what it predicts I’ll go just because. 😉 I’m sad.

  3. Charlene @ Bookish Whimsy

    I like using the reading speed – although I totally get what you mean about the pressure. Sometimes I feel like I’m just waiting to be done with the book because I keep checking how much time I have left. But if it is a really good read I don’t check the time as often, so it all depends. I think I get more use out of the time til the chapter ends though – that helps me decide if I should read another chapter or not. 🙂

    • Competing with yourself is fun because you can never lose! I’ve tried to beat the time before and I timed myself gain strength another clock. Kindle said I had 15mins to read, but it took my 30mins! I’m not playing that game again 🙂

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