Review: Starsight by Brandon Sanderson

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Starsight by Brandon Sanderson
Review: Starsight by Brandon SandersonStarsight by Brandon Sanderson
Series: Skyward #2
Published by Delacorte Press on November 26, 2019
Genres: Fantasy, Fiction, Science Fiction, Young Adult
Pages: 457
Format: Hardback
Source: Own Copy
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All her life, Spensa's dreamed of becoming a pilot. Of proving she's a hero like her father. She made it to the sky, but the truths she learned about her father were crushing. The rumors of his cowardice are true—he deserted his flight during battle against the Krell. Worse, though, he turned against his team and attacked them.
Spensa is sure that there's more to the story. And she's sure that whatever happened to her father in his starship could happen to her. When she made it outside the protective shell of her planet, she heard the stars—and it was terrifying. Everything Spensa has been taught about her world is a lie.
But Spensa also discovered a few other things about herself—and she'll travel to the end of the galaxy to save humankind if she needs to.

I have been waiting to read Starsight for so long. Ever since I finished Skyward if I am being honest. However, I felt like I had to hold off because the next book in the series is not going to be out until 2021 possibly. So it made sense to shorten the gaps between the books. However I couldn’t resist anymore and just had to pick up this book and lose myself in Spensa’s world again.

From what I remember from the first book we start off pretty much when we ended. Time has passed but the situation that Spensa and her friends have found themselves in remains the same. And it is with the desperation of finding a solution to their current predicament that the plot of the book is based around.

And with all that said, please note that some of the below may be semi-spoilery. Therefore you have been warned.

Because I loved it. I loved that we got to explore more of Spensa’a world, we got to meet different races of the galaxy. And we got to see more of the Krell and their culture. There was so much to explore in this book and so many interesting things to find out.

I also loved how M-Bot explored what it means to be alive and how he changed over the book. Then there was how the other consider the human race and how they give them certain attributes. I loved how much we expanded in this book and got to meet so many more people.

I felt like a lot of questions have been answered but there is still so much more to explore. Starsight was a book that was full surprises. For me it was completely different to the first one. It felt slower and with less action. And was more serious in a way. But it still managed to blow me away.

I honestly cannot wait for the next book and to find out more about Spensa. 

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