Blog Tour: Q&A with Anna Kaling, author of Not OK Cupid

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Anna Kaling Author of Not OK Cupid

Today I am so excited to introduce Anna Kaling, as part of the blog tour for Not Ok, Cupid! I am currently devouring this book and let me tell you that is is a fun cheeky page-turner. This is such an easy book to read, that I’m surprised that I haven’t finished already.

Although to be honest things like work have got in the way. But trust me this is a book that you want to read!

Intrigued,  then I have a Q&A with the author, which may reveal more of her guilty pleasure than you might want to know but may be the thing that makes you shout me too!!!

Don’t forget to check out all the other stops and remember Not OK, Cupid by Anna Kaling is published by Headline Eternal. Available as eBook and Paperback.



Who are the authors you read for pleasure?

Oh, so many! My reading tastes are really eclectic, which is why Goodreads profile will usually show me reading 3-5 books at any one time: at least one non-fiction, because learning is my greatest love; something dark; something light; isomething else.


Authors whose books I will buy without even reading the blurb include Thomas Harris, Tess Gerritsen, Bill Bryson, Ruth Rendell, Dean Koontz, Peter James, and Douglas Adams. 


If you could take only three essentials with you to a desert island what would they be?

A corkscrew (for the coconuts, and also if I stumble upon a deserted cocktail bar – you never know), a cat, and the British Library.


Who would be on your dream dinner party guest list?

Elizabeth I and Anne Boleyn – both fascinating women whose side of the story I would like to hear.


Romesh Ranganathan – over post-dinner mocktails we can agree a sustained campaign of action to force Nando’s to bring back the veggie burger. Yes, I know it happened in 2017, but there’s still a hole in my life, okay?


Karl Pilkington, so I can ask his opinion about everything that ever existed and listen, fascinated.


The first person ever to milk a cow, because I really want to know the sequence of events leading up to that.


Jack the Ripper, so I can finally know who he was. I would appreciate it if he were seated at the opposite end of the table to me. Also, please don’t give him a steak knife.


What are your guilty pleasures?

Watching pimple-popping videos on YouTube. I can sink hours watching a delicious cyst being drained, though dilated pores of Winer are the best. I’ve tried to make that time productive by calling it research for a pimple-popping romance (Title: ‘Irre-Cyst-Able’ Tagline: ‘Is their love only skin deep?’) but my agent has been curiously resistant to the idea. I can only assume she has something similar already on her books. we

I also like chocolate.  I probably should have led with that.

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