Monthly Round-up! April 2014

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Monthly Round-up, linking everything that has happened in the last month, posted on the last day of said month. This Round-up April 2014.

So I have just over a month until I finish my degree! Not sure what I want to do next year, I really want to keep studying but maybe it’s better that I ‘get in the real world’…

So I have to say I am quite busy at the moment, what with two essays in next Tuesday and exams only four weeks away. I’ve already woken up in cold sweats trying to desperately remember everything to do with criminal law, and maybe finally come to grips with trusts and quantification – although let’s be honest who am I kidding. Luckily for me in land law my lecturer said that you can see land law in Pride and Prejudice – so the fact I know the book really well with help me in my exam right?

OK let’s be honest, can I just skip May and go straight into June? Preferable the 2nd June so I don’t have to do my criminal exam. Thanks 🙂

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Yes I know that I am still reading Princess Bride but it is such an easy book to pause, and because I know the story it doesn’t matter.


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This was my first ever Blog Tour!

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  • As per usual I’m participating in the Goodreads Challenge.

    So what do you think of my round-up April 2014? What have you read this month? Let me know in the comments below!


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